The architectural studio 4A, founded in 1997 by four international partners, focuses on designing buildings and their interiors. Our building projects must be meaningful, graceful and fulfill their purpose in the context of modern times. We strive for a strong concept that permeates the entire project, but is flexible enough to meet commercial requirements.

Our goal is to combine strong, progressive design and at the same time meet the requirements of the project client.

Thanks to the close cooperation of the entire team and the client, we provide creative, imaginative and responsible architectural solutions from the beginning of the project to the completion of the building.

• at 4a currently works 10 architects
• 4a has branch offices in Prague, CZ and Košice, SK
• 4a works in accordance with Czech and European standards and professional regulations of the Czech and Slovak Chamber of Architects
• 4a has CZK20 million professional liability insurance

4a's clients know that they are dealing with real architects who have the appropriate skills, experience, independence and ideas to bring a construction project to successful completion.

Ing. arch. Peter Hudák

Company owner

Ing. arch. Leigh D'Agostino

Company owner

Ing. arch. Michaela Pišoft


Bc. Markéta Mečířová

Senior Architect

Ing. arch. Zuzana Rajkovová

Senior Architect

Ing. arch. Rafail Afandiyev


Ing. arch. Lenka Kanalošová

Senior Architect

MgA. Jana Vychytilová

Senior Architect

Ing. arch. Anastassiya Melkumyan

Junior Architect

Bsc. Vanessa Soueidanová

Office manager

Chiera z Paleolitu

Manager of HAPPINESS
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Atelier Praha

Atelier Košice

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